Dr. Bruce Freedman
Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Bruce Freedman and his office staff. After having three children, I wanted to do something for myself. A few of my friends had breast implants done by Dr. Freedman and they all look great. I got up enough nerve to go in for a consultation and I am so glad that I did. His staff is so warm and caring. Dr. Freedman took the time to really educate me about my surgery. Its great that they have their own accredited surgical suite and use board certified anesthesiologists. I was thankful that I was not rushed nor did they have a "hard sell" approach. I had a breast augmentation and lift. I didn't want to go to big and I felt that Dr. freedman really listened to what I wanted. A nurse called me the night of my surgery to check on me and I thought that was really sweet. I now have natural and perky looking breasts that I absolutely love. I don't regret it at all. I would highly recommend Dr. Freedman!

April 2014

I have a friend who had her breasts done by Dr. F. in McLean, VA and loved the results. He is local to where I live, and is a board certified surgeon. Went in for original consult 2 weeks ago. My friend said Dr. F will tell you, based on your body type, the exact size that would make you proportional. I have wide hips and a small waist so want something that looks proportional. Dr. F. was very professional.
January 2014

I had consulted with a few other doctors prior within my limited time I had with my work schedule, but I could not find one that fit my work schedule and my budget. However, I was determined that I wanted to have my under eye bags fixed. I was tired to hear people say that I looked tired and that made me feel worse and self-conscience.

Dr. Freedman has nice pleasant personality and is very knowledgeable. I did my research on lower lid blepharoplasty. He listens to your needs and concerns and gives good feedback of his professional experience on the blepharoplasty procedure. I felt at ease, but this was a big decision for me. I saw pictures of previous blepharoplasty he had done and the nice work he had done with the incisions. Dr. Freedman and his staff all took good care of me. I had general anesthesia and went to sleep and dreamed that I was shopping. I saw myself for the first time in the bathroom mirror and I was pleased I saw no bags/fatty pads under my eyes.

Dr. Freedman and his staff were attentive of my care, and I really appreciate the follow-up calls after the procedure and the follow-up visits which are included. I am glad I finally did it. It was a Christmas gift to me. I had faith all was going to be fine and the price was something I could afford.
I recommend Dr. Freedman and his team.

~Lidia D.
December 2013

Back in June I had my eyelids done, after much debating (in my own mind). I was naturally very apprehensive since I was having plastic surgery on my face. However, after meeting Dr. Freedman and his amazing staff, my apprehensions quickly went away. He discussed the procedure with me and right away I knew I was with a very competent, intelligent and confident surgeon who is very passionate about his work. This was all evident in my results. I have received so many compliments for which i thank Dr. Freedman.

The cost was also very reasonable, (and was some of the best money I ever spent). Consider yourself forunate that you have found such an accomplished and truly skilled surgeon. In fact, I was so pleased with my results that I went back for second procedure. I recently had a tummy tuck. I'll save that testimonial for another time. Once again I couldn't be happier.

So don't think twice about it- just remenber you are worth it! You are investing in yourself. My advice....... Just do it, you'll be glad you did!! You're in good hands.

~Melanie M.
November 2013

Dr. Bruce Freedman gave me a minor facelift at the end of May 2010, and I can honestly say I am beyond satisfied. He eliminated the loose skin that hung from my neck (from aging and weight-loss)…and lifted the “sad, tired” lines from around my mouth.

I healed quickly and perfectly and get LOTS of positive comments from those who know. Most people can’t tell! And that’s the best thing about Dr. Freedman’s work: He did PRECISELY what I requested, and it doesn’t APPEAR any work has been done.

There’s none of that Bruce Jenner tightness, that looks so unnatural. The result is “age appropriate.” I still have dimples…and the lines of character I WANTED to retain. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Freedman to anyone considering any kind of procedure. His office is professional and state-of-the-art…with an enthusiastic, professional, and compassionate staff.

Michael J. Elston aka Buzz Burbank
The Mike O’Meara Show

Since high school, I have constantly struggled to feel confident with my "boyish figure." Although the thought of plastic surgery lingered throughout my teenage years, I decided (at 24) to seriously investigate the possibility of breast augmentation. Two family friends had been to Dr. Freedman for the same procedure, and because of their satisfaction with their experience, they encouraged me to contact his office. I scheduled a consultation through Dayna and that weekend I drove 7.5 hours from my home in Charlotte, NC to Northern Virginia.

Everything has gone smoothly from the time I set up my consultation until now (7 weeks later). I received honest, clear, and thorough information during my consultation; I was greeted warmly and reassuringly on the day of the surgery; and after the surgery, I was called by Elizabeth (a nurse) and Dr. Freedman, who wanted to make sure I was doing okay. Everyone who works in Dr. Freedman's office is professional, caring, and understanding -- and they all made me feel comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

I could not be happier with the results! Dr. Freedman made sure that I was given the natural, subtle look that I wanted (I went from a tiny A to a full B) -- and what a difference it has made! Before the breast augmentation, I did not feel very womanly and I always avoided tight clothing (including bathing suits). Clothes never seemed to fit quite right and I couldn't wear certain kinds of tops and dresses. I am now much more confident and very proud of the way I look... and last month (for the first time in my life), 5 out of 5 dresses fit me perfectly during a post-surgery shopping spree! Going through with this procedure was one of the very best decisions of my entire life and I am thankful every single day for choosing Dr. Freedman and his wonderful staff. I enthusiastically recommend this team to anyone considering plastic surgery -- even those outside of the state! I promise, it was worth every second of the 15 hour car ride.

Dr. Freedman, Elizabeth, and Dayna: thank you for changing my life.


Protruding fat pads around the lower lids create the appearance of "bags". Removing the fat and tightening the skin improves the overall appearance around the eyes. Two different techniques are available depending on age and skin elasticity. The first uses an incision under the lower lid lashline. The fat is removed and excess skin is excised. In the second technique, an incision is made inside the lower eyelid and the fat removed. Another alternative is the use of a skin resurfacing laser to tighten the skin.Dr Freedman performed a breast lift on me recently and I am very pleased with the outcome. After having gastric bypass surgery my breasts became very droopy (more than they had ever been) and I had a lot of loose skin. I never imagined that I would need to have this done but it got to that point. I came to see you for a consultation and knew you were the doctor I wanted to perform my surgery. You and your office were very kind and went over everything thoroughly which was very reassuring.

I am so happy with the outcome and have never looked like this before. I have always had saggy breasts so I just expected the skin to be tightened but never dreamed they would look so great and so full and perky. I was very surprised at how wonderful they look. I had a great recovery, not much bruising and I am happier than I ever thought I would be having this done. My breasts got worse after my surgery due to the loose skin but I have never in my life looked like this before and am so pleased with how everything turned out. I am very excited and would come back to you again if I ever needed anything else done. Thank you for all of your kindness and the great job you did for me.

~ Pam J.
February 2005

I would like to address this letter to Dr. Freedman and his extremely professional staff. Thank you, Dr. Freedman, for the genuine care and concern you gave me during my surgical procedures last month, and for your continual patience and reassurance during the post operative time. You and your staff made my experience as pleasant as you possibly could and went out of your way to tack care of me. Your nurse, Elizabeth, called my home after surgery to make sure I was feeling okay. Little things mean a lot, and I appreciate all that you and your staff did to make sure that I was feeling okay both physically and emotionally by calming my apprehensions and answering all my questions.

Dr. Freedman, in particular, I would like to commend you on your staff. I have to say they are wonderful. I don’t know what I would have done without Linda. My gosh, she is absolutely terrific! She is so warm and caring and approachable. I admire her for all that I know she does, not just for me, but for all of your clients. She is just that kind of unique and wonderful person that is so rare and so valuable! I can’t tell you how many times she called to check on my when she knew I had questions or concerns. I always look forward to my appointments with her because she is absolutely delightful to be around. She makes me feel so at home and so calm. She is a rare asset you, your office and I know you are blessed to have her on your team. I have been in your reception area twice when I have over heard other women talking amongst themselves about Linda, and how they just love her, and would not see anyone else. I whole heartedly agree. She is a jewel and an inspiration. Thank you once again.

~ Deborah G.
March 2005

I am thrilled with my choice to have breast augmentation at age 45! My only regret is that I waited so long to do it! After raising my three children and going thru the rigors of peri-menopause, my GYN encouraged me to consider the option so I could regain my youthful looks. He stated that many women are choosing breast augmentation (and other cosmetic procedures) in order to make the most of the second half of their life. He referred me to three top surgeons and I chose Dr. Bruce Freedman. Dr. Freedman is extremely reputable, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, takes a sincere interest in his patients, and he knows how to make a woman look her best. He listened carefully to my needs and fears, completely discussed breast augmentation with me, showed me hundreds of photos, and let me meet with a few of his recent patients in private and see first hand the results of his work. After meeting with him, I quickly scheduled the surgery and couldn't wait to do it! Dr. Freedman and his staff prepared me completely as to what to expect, and there were no surprises. I endured about four days of discomfort and then it became fun! I am thrilled with my new enhanced and very natural look. I don't expect to ever have any complications, but I would not hesitate to return to Dr. Freedman's office should the need ever arise. Having spent over two years researching breast augmentation, considering the options, and ultimately being a patient of Dr. Freedman's, I feel very qualified to HIGHLY recommend him. Don't be scared to have it done (as I was for many years). It is simple, safe and a very rewarding choice to make! Call Dr. Freedman today and schedule your consultation! Life is short!

~ Sue W.
February 2005

I decided to have breast augmentation five years ago and did a lot of research on doctors in the Metro area. I instantly felt comfortable with Dr. Freedman and his staff from the initial phone call and consultation. They made sure that I was knowledgeable of the procedure from the beginning to the end. Linda, a fabulous nurse, knew exactly the look I was trying to achieve and together with Dr. Freedman exceeded my expectations. I have friends that have had the same surgery, but they’re not nearly as thrilled as I am even after all these years!

In fact, Dr. Friedman and his staff were so great; I recently sought them to perform liposuction to lower portions of my body that I couldn’t get reduced through exercise and dieting. Again, I am in awe of the fabulous results and it has only been 5 weeks! Thanks to Dr. Freedman and his entire staff because they are the reason this will be my first summer on the beach in a string bikini…without shorts!

~ J.H.
April 2005

This is a letter of appreciation to you and Linda for the excellent care, skillful procedure, follow-up and professionalism I received before, during and after my breast reduction. Dr. Freedman, you did a fantastic job and I am very pleased with my results.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how instrumental Linda Caballero was in my pre and post operative process. Before scheduling the surgery, Linda consulted with me on several occasions, discussing at length what type of results I was looking for and what course of action I may want to take. After the surgery, Linda continued to provide follow-up support by calling me to check on my comfort level and healing progress. I had bi-monthly appointments for message techniques and my overall healing process, both mentally and physically. Linda makes me feel like I am the only patient this practice has.

As you are aware Dr. Freedman, this in not my first procedure with you and your staff, and with the care and attention I have received this will not be the last. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

~ Kim J.
April 2005

Last February I decided to so some research about the different procedures available to eliminate spider veins from both of my legs. I then decided that laser treatment was the best choice for me and a friend recommended Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia. She also gave me the name of Bob Earley, who is their Laser Treatment Specialist. I called and made an appointment for a consultation to have questions answered and to see how I felt about proceeding with the treatments. My questions were all answered to my satisfaction and I made an appointment at that time for my first treatment. I have been extremely pleased with my results and only wish I had had the procedure done earlier. Bob was very professional and walked me through each treatment. I always felt at ease and confident in what he was doing. I highly recommend the Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia and Bob Earley if you are thinking about having this procedure done. The results can be dramatic!

~ Laura F.
March 2005