Dr. Bruce Freedman
Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia

Skin Care

As a full-service plastic surgery center, our goal is to achieve your desired look and help you to maintain natural beauty. We believe that a proactive skin care regimen is essential to maintaining healthy skin. We offer a range of treatments, procedures and products that will help keep your skin texture supple and combat skin-damaging elements:

  • HydraFacial™ the leading treatment using latest technologies in skin cleansing. It hydrates and exfoliates with no irritation.
  • Chemical Peels offer a convenient alternative to tone and improve skin texture.
  • Skin Analysis and Extensive Product lines are available through consultations with our expert aestheticians.

Anti-aging, acne, sun damage, rosacea, dry skin, oily skin, and alipidic skin can all be expertly treated using grade skin care treatments and products

Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia is proud to offer skincare analysis and clinical customized skincare programs for all our patients.  We believe every patient wants to optimize their esthetic appearance and maintain their post surgical result, therefore, we provide a follow-up consultation focusing on the health and beauty of your skin.


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