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Neck Lift

When a person's primary concerns are in the neck area and jowls, a neck lift, commonly known as a cervicoplasty, may be the optimum treatment. This is designed to remove excess neck skin, tighten the neck muscles, and flatten the jowls. The results are a more defined jawline, with a smoother neck and a more youthful appearance. Neck lifts can be safely performed in conjunction with other procedures such as laser resurfacing. You can learn more about this combination by linking into our "research" section and reading Dr. Freedman's article regarding this powerful combination treatment.

Process: Initially, liposuction of the neck region is performed with small incisions under the chin and behind the ear. Next an incision is made in front of the earlobe which extends posteriorly. The neck muscles are tightened; then excessive skin is removed. The incisions are closed and small suction drains are often used to help the skin adhere and prevent fluid accumulations. A gauze head dressing is applied at the time of surgery and removed in 1-2 days. Later a chin strap is worn to control swelling and to provide support.

Recovery: It is recommended that patients keep their head elevated following cervioplasty. Most patients complain of tightness around the neck where muscle tightening occurred; however, there is usually very little discomfort. Sutures are removed approximately 5 days postoperatively. Most patients return to work 7-10 days following a neck lift.

Results: A neck lift can dramatically improve a person's facial appearance by giving them a smooth well contoured neck and jawline. With proper skincare, the results will last for years to come.


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