Dr. Bruce Freedman
Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia

Erbium Microlaser Peel

Skin resurfacing lasers are an effective treatment method available for removing wrinkles, diminishing age spots, and decreasing scars left by acne or chicken pox. These and other skin irregularities are treatable with a CO2 or erbium laser.

Process: Under anesthesia, laser skin resurfacing oblates the superficial layers of the skin and stimulates new collagen and elastin protein production. The laser beam is delivered through a computer controlled scanner that precisely directs each pulse of energy. Eyes are protected during this procedure with protective safety eye shields. With the Erbium laser, Dr. Freedman is able to optimize outcomes by individually setting treatment parameters according to skin type, the degree of sun damage and the severity of wrinkles. This minimizes the degree of redness and swelling and results in a more rapid recovery when compared to other lasers including the CO2 laser.

Recovery: Redness and irritation are typical immediately following the procedure. Topical anti-inflammatory and hydrating ointments are placed on the skin until the top layer of skin regrows. Re-epithelialization usually takes 1 week and then make-up may be applied to conceal redness. Mild redness customarily lasts for 1-3 months. A skin care regimen specifically designed for post-laser skin will be individually designed to aide in protecting your new skin.

Results: The result is a dramatic improvement in the quality and texture of the skin. Many patients look like they have taken years off their appearance since fine lines, and age spots are improved.

Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia is proud to offer skincare analysis and clinical customized skincare programs for all our patients.  We believe every patient wants to optimize their esthetic appearance and maintain their post surgical result, therefore, we provide a follow-up consultation focusing on the health and beauty of your skin.


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