Dr. Bruce Freedman
Plastic Surgery Associates of Northern Virginia

Cosmetic FAQ's

Q: What are the "cosmetic" applications of Erchonia 3LT Lasers?
A: Erchonia manufactures 3LT Lasers that are FDA Approved for use during liposuction, wound/scar healing, and the treatment of acne.

Q: Does the laser treatment hurt?
A: No, there is no heat or sensation associated with the use of Erchonia 3LT lasers.

Q: What does the Erchonia laser do for liposuction?
A: The Erchonia Niera4L Liposuction Laser breaks down the fat cells' making it easier and faster to remove, reducing swelling, discomfort and recovery time.

Q: How long do the treatments take?
A : Just a few minutes.

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